Are humans voyeuristic by nature? There is a strange satisfaction in watching others who are unaware that they are being watched. Scopophobia is a project in which I explore my own natural curiosity by turning a lens on my neighbor’s windows, and investigate the perspective of the watcher. The goal of this project is to tap into the human instinct to watch others, and question our own comfort level when it comes to watching, and being watched. Despite our voyeuristic tendencies we can frequently go through life with a disregard for those around us. We ourselves may even have a visceral reaction to finding out we are being observed without our knowledge. There is an expectation of privacy in a person’s home. During the day not much can be seen, but at night, the same window can reveal intimate details. This project is meant to evoke a sense of unease—almost nervousness—that accompanies a small act of wrongdoing. Are we invading their privacy or are they inviting us in?